Dan Goldfischer

Page Polishers





Academia (business topics); project management content; miscellaneous feature writing; editing for writers whose native language is not English.


I am the former Editor in Chief at the Project Management Institute, I've worked on business-oriented and non-business oriented content for newsletters, magazines, monographs, books, blog posts, journal articles, standards and general feature articles.

We want our prose to shine—it makes a great first impression. We want to follow the rules of grammar, and we need to be consistent in our usage and our style. Most of all, we want clarity and, if possible, brevity. No matter who our audience is, we need to offer readers a stress-free path to our main points.

Well-edited writing has paragraphs that flow from one to the next and make sensible transitions from one thought to another. When readers can easily understand the points you are sharing, they look forward to reading your next work. This promotes you and your brand.

Having an editor back your work is especially important for those who are not native English speakers. The editor will clarify your words and question anything that might be unclear.

In short, hiring an editor like me is a great way to help your written communication make the points they are supposed to make. Allow me to polish your pages.



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