Courtney Dobson

Blue Bear Editing


Buffalo, NY, or Remote



Academic, Scholarly Non-fiction, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, Social Sciences, Sociology, Political Economy, Cultural Studies, Public Policy, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), White Papers, Research Reports


Hi, my name is Courtney Dobson. I am a professional editor of academic and scholarly non-fiction. I value clear and concise writing and my goal is to bring out the best in your writing and help you achieve your goals. I offer a depth of editorial services from developmental editing and copy editing to proofreading and formatting.

Academic and scholarly non-fiction is a type of technical writing that requires skill and understanding about how research is conducted and presented. I have extensive training in academia and I have worked with many accomplished academics; I know what a quality piece of writing looks like and what it takes to produce one.

As your editor, I will help you hone your writing skills, produce clean and compelling pieces, and become a better writer. I will not only help you complete your writing project (on time), but I can also be viewed as an investment in your professional development.

A bit about me...

I hold a PhD from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. I have a social sciences background and experience conducting qualitative research. I am proficient in American, British, and Canadian English.

When I’m not working, I enjoy swimming, running, and travelling.



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