Cindy Jewkes

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Fiction, fantasy, science fiction, YA, fairy tales


Hello! My name is Cindy and I'm a freelance fiction editor. I've been editing since 2015 and have loved every minute of it! I have my copyediting certificate from UC San Diego, a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University, another copyediting certificate from Poynter News University/ACES, and an arsenal of other editing-related courses under my belt.

I specialize in fantasy, science fiction, YA, and fairy tales. I also have experience in horror and historical fiction.

My favorite part of editing is digging in and getting elbows-deep in the creative process. I understand how hard it is to show your writing to a complete stranger, and I have so much respect for all you writers who can do that! I will treat your work with the greatest respect. I truly am rooting for your success and will do everything I can to make your story the best it can be.

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