Chris Morton

Isn‘t That Write





Medical devices, technical writing/editing, copywriting, business reports, B2B and B2C communications, web content creation, publication layout


I’m a fifth-generation family member to work in the US publishing realm. Like you, I’ve dealt with problems companies face every day. With over 25 years serving companies ranging from Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft to Medrobotics and MedQIA, this equates to my likely having a unique insight regarding your business communications problem.

But my being able to view it from the point of view of your clients, prospects, and readers is of even greater value to your enterprise. Additionally, I’m often able to suggest process improvements that potentially result in cost-reduction or gains in workflow efficiency.

I'm an independent editor, writer, ghostwriter, proofreader, content creator, technical writer, user experience (UX) advocate, all-around marketing guy, and graphic artist who boosts high-tech B2B/B2C messaging across many disciplines.

For you and your organization I’m able to create, edit, layout, and proofread all types of documents, manuals, marketing collateral, and web content for audiences ranging from physicians to engineers, CTOs to CIOs, developers to operators, and end users across many B2B/B2C realms.



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