Cassie Tuttle

CT Editing





Legal, Academic, Social Sciences


I am a skilled and experienced full-time freelance copyeditor and proofreader, specializing in legal and academic materials. I have a BA in English and French from Carnegie Mellon University and completed one year of law school.

In addition to my work with law and academic clients, I handle projects on health/nutrition, education (K–12 and Higher Education), and a full range of social sciences. My clients include publishing houses, university presses, and individuals. No job is too small or too large.

I work with the Chicago Manual of Style, the Harvard Bluebook, New Hart's Rules, and AP, APA, and MLA styles.

Before becoming a full-time freelance copyeditor in 2007/2008, I worked as a paralegal for 26 years, specializing in employment and labor law. During that time, I also developed and taught classes on grammar and usage (through the law firm’s affiliation with the Wharton School). I have a strong background in litigation.

Though I am based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as long as I have my laptop and access to the Internet, I'm able to work remotely -- from anywhere in the world.


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