Carly Brockinton


Saint Leonard, MD and remote



news, international issues, trade publications, government, technical documents, white papers, style guides


I am a freelance editor, writer, and designer whose clients range from businesses, consultants, nonprofits and freelancers to news organizations. I understand public image, media relations, consistency, and the importance of deadline, accuracy and teamwork. I have experience as a top-level supervisor in a daily deadline environment and the education to know how the improper use of effect can affect how I compliment an editor’s headline that complements a story.

I have a rare mix of experience:
-- Guiding and coaching reporters, freelancers and interns
-- Overseeing production with editors, designers and photographers
-- Crafting communications plans
-- Writing press releases
-- Creating and editing newsletters and magazines
-- Devising email marketing campaigns
-- Writing news stories, feature pieces, targeted marketing and technical documentation
-- Creating style guides and corporate manuals

Some of my major accomplishments include:
-- Redesigning the flagship magazine of the US-China Business Council
-- Creating and designing an infographic series to explain trade issues
-- Redesigning, editing and producing a handbook for the county Department of Economic Development
-- Redesigning newspapers and winning an overall design award
-- Crafting the branded design for local political candidates
-- Creating WordPress websites for small businesses



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