Carla Coury

Sweetwater Editorial


Remote AND New Orleans, Louisiana



Academic, Business, Technical, Resumes, CVs, Instructional Design, Curriculum Development, Assessment


“To write is human, to edit is divine.” – Stephen King

Even the hardest working, most celebrated writers know the importance of having a good editor on their team.

I help writers sharpen their language and elevate the impact of their work. With a sharp eye for detail, grammar, punctuation, and style, I can turn original copy into exceptional prose, ready for publication, while keeping technical elements intact and maintaining the author’s unique voice and style.

I developed my editing chops in college, first as a copy editor for the university newspaper, and next as a proofreader in the psychology department. My love of language and editing inspired me to launch three agencies over the next 15 years specializing in editing, document design, resume development, and technical writing across many disciplines. I have degrees in instructional design and organizational communication, and certifications in resume writing and human resources. A concurrent career in higher education has kept me grounded in lifelong learning with an affinity for helping students, researchers, and entrepreneurs express themselves clearly and tell their stories succinctly. Turning technical jargon into plain language so readers can understand it the first time is my specialty.

Large projects welcome!



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