Brunella Costagliola

Brunella Costagliola: Bestselling Editor and Writer





Non-Fiction & Fiction: Historical Novels, Thrillers, True Crime, Memoirs, Military-themed Books, Timeless Romance, Conspiracy Theories, Culture Creatives, Inspirational, Self-help, Children's Books, Academia


Brunella Costagliola is a bestselling editor, ghostwriter, and translator. Throughout her career, she has had the pleasure of working with award-winning and bestselling authors, as well as a wide range of well-respected and prominent publishing houses.

Some of her past ghostwriting and editing clients include: Gloria Goldwater—wife of the late John Goldwater, creator of Archie Comics—bestselling author of Superfly: My Untold Story of Hip-Hop; David Lyons, bestselling author of Everyday Health and Fitness with Multiple Sclerosis with foreword by Daymond John, star of the hit TV show Shark Tank.

Brunella has also collaborated with the following clients: National Academy of Neuropsychology Foundation; Valerio Mazzoli, one of the most important Disney illustrators¬; War Writers’ Campaign;;

Her profound knowledge of the English language, her solid background in literature, history, philosophy, art history, classical literature, and philology, make her uniquely qualified as an Editor. As her clients can testify, she brings so much more to a manuscript than simple red marks highlighting grammatical or punctuation errors.

When reviewing and editing a manuscript, Brunella applies all of her humanistic knowledge to the paper, working together with the author to turn a draft into a literary masterpiece.


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