Bridget Carrick


Remote and Portland, OR



nonfiction, academic, technical


My well-worn sticky note on my monitor reminds every day what to strive for: clarity, consistency, coherency, and correctness. (Thanks, Amy Einsohn.) And that's what you'll get from me.
Armed with six years of experience in copy editing and proofreading and a M.S. in book publishing, I recently made the switch to full-time freelancing. I mainly stick to nonfiction works and would be happy to help you out with yours. Previous clients worked in academics, research science, psychology, teaching education, trade publication, magazine, business, and others, and I'm eager to try new fields as well. Most of my work tends to follow Chicago style, though I've also worked with AP, APA, and MLA.
I'd love to hear about what projects you're looking for help on; email me first and we can chat more via email, phone, or video chat (or meet up, if you're in Portland, Oregon).


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