Barbra Rodriguez

Vital Wordplay





Non-fiction: Biotech, Conservation, Gardening, Health, Life Science, Sustainability, Spirituality, Self-help (such as memoir)


Connecting prose with passion as a writer and editor of non-fiction who focuses on healthy living: from providing empowering edits to memoirs and self-development books, to crafting meeting summaries on diversity topics and features on conservation and higher education advances. Award-winning features have appeared in more than a dozen outlets, including the AARP's Latino magazine, the journals Nature and Science, and Texas Co-op Power and Diabetes Self-Management magazines.

A certified editor with 20 years of experience, I am gifted at seeing the big picture and noticing small discrepancies. I can critique manuscripts, provide developmental and/or copy editing, proofread, and fact check. I have managed newsletters or magazines for more than a decade, with image procurement part of my capabilities. My current clients include W. W. Norton, university magazines, the Deep Foundations Institute (as PT executive editor of an engineering trade journal), The Steve Fund, and self-published authors.


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