Ayshea Wild

Write Wild





Memoir, creative nonfiction, meditation books. Developmental editing, line editing, copy editing.


I specialize in editing memoir at all stages of the writing process, acting as an attentive first audience and asking questions that move the work forward. I get to know each writer’s work and intention intimately and provide timely, accurate, and thorough feedback. I coach writers to hone their work so it captivates the reader without sacrificing voice or directness.

As a developmental editor, I work with the author in the areas of craft and structure. I assess the entire manuscript for form, style, logic, tone, and clarity. I collaborate with the author to organize the content of the book into the best shape for the story, reinforcing the manuscript’s strengths and suggesting improvements where they are needed.

When line editing, I make suggestions that involve moving sentences around for clarity, examining ideas and arguments, and enhancing transitions. I guard the unique expression of the author’s voice and make certain the written words match the author’s intended meaning.

When copy editing, I follow the Chicago Manual of Style to create consistency in language conventions such as punctuation, grammar, usage, and spelling. I create a style sheet for the manuscript that records all the decisions the author and I make together.



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