Ariela Marks


Haifa, Israel



Copyediting and substantive editing for academics in the social sciences and hard sciences


I’m a trained US-born academic editor with close to 10 years of experience, and I live in Haifa, Israel. My specialty is helping academics prepare their manuscripts to scholarly standards, including submissions to peer-reviewed journals, grant applications, graduate study applications, and the like.

I’m particularly adept at working with authors who aren’t writing in their native tongue, thanks to my long former career teaching English as a foreign/second language (EFL, ESL) to students in Israel and the US and my own bilingual background as an English and Hebrew speaker.

From one of many authors I've helped:

“I am pleased to warmly recommend Ariela as an excellent editor of English-language articles. The level of editing, the depth, the intelligent and insightful comments all contribute significantly to the value of the edited article. Ariela is meticulous and precise; this obliges the author to think about the comments and respond clearly to them. She is very professional and spells out the ‘editing rules’ [she will be following] at the outset, as well as the costs.”—Prof. Reuven Katz (mechanical engineering, Technion, Haifa; my translation)

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