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Fiction, Non-fiction


Hello there! I'm a professional editor of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, and thriller of the upper YA, NA, and Adult markets. However, I'm widely read in many other genres as well and always eager to read crossovers. I hold a B.A. in English Literature with a specialism on SF/F, Japanese, and reading theories. I also have a TEFL certification, which focuses on US/UK grammar/punctuation. I enjoy working with writers from all walks of life, with many of my clients being local newspapers, independent gaming companies, UK brands, and self-published SF/F authors.

My mission is to preserve your creative vision of the story above all else. For there is nothing more sacred and honorable than writing the story of your heart—the one you're meant to put to paper. My approach is unique, blending an avid reader's perspective with a meticulous editorial eye. I not only address developmental and technical elements of a story, but also the interaction between your target readers and the text.

Outside of my 5+ years of editing, I love crime documentaries, folklore, misty mountains, and sweater weather. I live in the wilds of Tennessee with my two feline guardians of the void, Mori-kun and Little Fury.


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