Anna Eames






coffee table books, non-fiction, short-form, children's, graphic novels, sports/outdoors, art/music


I'm the sole in-house copyediting for a publishing company in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm selective about choosing outside projects that truly fulfill my personal interests, so that you and I can work together on something we're both passionate about. I hope to hear from you!

I graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a degree in government, worked in the DC nonprofit world for three years, and then moved back to California to work in editing and publishing. I will have completed the University of Chicago copyediting certificate by November 2018.

Editors and authors have told me "your edits are spot-on," "your queries address my exact trains of thought and insecurities," and "it's like you can read my mind." My edits are purposeful, with the goal of helping an author's voice shine through to the readership while serving the publisher's reputation. If it's not broken, I don't fix it. Furthermore, while copyediting was always in my heart, my DC experience made me very comfortable with the business aspects of copyediting: coordinating projects, communicating quickly and clearly, conveying tough notes politely, etc. You'll be in good hands.


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