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I pour over fourteen years of experience into your ideas to ensure that readers get the most out of your work. Whatever the material—fiction or nonfiction manuscripts, journal articles, grant proposals, quantitative research reports, short essays, Web copy, resumes, ads, press releases—how your words flow is every bit as important as what you have to say. Don't trust them to just anyone.

I hold a BA in English(Writing) and Theatre from Barnard College of Columbia University and a Master's in Sociology from Rutgers University. My graduate-level training in social statistics allows me to evaluate certain quantitative materials for both accuracy of presentation and accuracy of analysis, a unique skill I am proud to offer my clients. I worked in the editorial office of MLA headquarters for 14 years and have copy edited dozens of commercial fiction and nonfiction titles for Macmillan imprints since 2012.

I polish prose for nonprofit agencies, research firms, commercial publishers, businesses, and exacting individuals. Let me put my skills to work for you.

The Word Angel LLC
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