Andrew Goodell





Corporate Marketing and Communications, Technical Documentation, Science and Engineering Writing, Earth Science, Environmental History


Tell the best story possible. Build trust with your audience. Convey expertise and thought leadership. Connect with your reader. Don't let simple mistakes compromise your hard work. As a copyeditor, I focus on both the small details and the big picture to ensure your writing shines.

I'm meticulous, detailed, and savvy in the ways of grammar and usage.

I work with individual writers, agencies, businesses, and organizations to help transmit the intended message in the most lucid manner possible. I'm experienced with editing and proofing marketing and advertising copy, sales support materials, professional reports, blog posts, and newspaper articles.

I have over 20 years of experience authoring and editing reports in the earth sciences, natural resources, environmental and engineering consulting, and construction industries. I have worked as a senior reviewer and technical editor of multi-author documents for technical accuracy, legal exposure, and risk-avoidance as well as clear, accurate writing. I maintain active Professional Geologist registrations with the State of Oregon.

Editorial areas of expertise include: copyediting, line editing, proofreading; technical editing in the natural sciences and engineering fields; numerical editing and review; fact-checking and research; graphics editing, including text, table, figure, and map editing; and style-guide development.


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