Amy Waugh





Fiction, Romance, Horror, Paranormal


First thing first, my name is Amy and I’m a lover of words. I’ve had a fascination with them since I was a child. Through books, poems, and even song lyrics, my obsession began early and never faded. I love to get lost in stories; it’s my happy place.

I have a Writing Certificate and an Associate’s degree in English Literature, and I am working on my BA in both Creative Writing and Professional Writing & Rhetoric. I sought my degree because I want to help others make their words the best they can be, and that means I need to know as much as I can about words, grammar, and writing.

All that to say, I’m an introverted book worm who can be sassy and sarcastic at times. What can I say? It’s part of my charm. I’m dedicated to continued learning and implementing what I learn into becoming the best editor I can be.

Currently, I offer proofreading and editing to authors and writers in fiction and genre fiction, specializing in romance, horror, and paranormal; but I am not averse to branching out into other mediums and genres.


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