Abbey Espinoza (McLaughlin)


Grand Rapids, MI



Non-fiction, Christian, Self-Help, Fiction


Hey there! I provide editorial assessments, developmental editing (for certain genres), line editing, copy editing, and proofreading services. I specialize in Christian nonfiction, but have experience in self-help, educational nonfiction, YA and adult fiction, and magazine editing.I’m located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I freelance full-time with a coffee in hand, sitting next to my little pup, Peach. I love getting to work with words and writers!I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in December 2017 magna cum laude with degrees in English and Creative Writing. Before that, though, I started out as a proofreader and editorial coordinator for a small publishing company called Pique Publishing, Inc. Hungry for experience in more genres, I worked for Apex CoVantage as a freelancer as well, learning more style guides, genres, and how to work with authors in an efficient way under tight deadlines. My favorite job was with Proverbs 31 Ministries, where I served as a salaried proofreader and then an assistant editor for First 5, helping writers develop compelling Bible daily Bible studies and Bible study books.Reach out for a consultation and/or quote!



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