ACES Evolve 2023

Recipe Editing Workshop | Karen Wise

In this session, we will work together to edit several recipes provided as handouts. As we edit, we will discuss the conventions and standards of recipe editing, strategies for ensuring clarity and consistency, and useful references to turn to for guidance—plus what to do when those resources don't agree. For those who have come to this session in the past, we will be tackling all-new recipes! The recipes will be chosen to show the most commonly encountered errors that need to be addressed, as well as some trickier situations that require special treatment. Bring your favorite colored pencil!

Intermediate, All editors, Freelance editors, Book editors, Advanced Skills


Karen Wise (she/her) got her start in book publishing in 1984 and has been a full-time freelancer since 1995. She provides copyediting and proofreading services to traditional book publishers. Her specialty is cookbooks, though she also works in a wide range of trade nonfiction genres, including self-help, memoir, biography, wellness, parenting, and entertainment. Karen lives outside Boston and can be found online @wisekaren.

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