Rachel Silber

Running for board seat at-large


About Rachel's work: As lead editor for the CSA, I manage all aspects of the editorial process for more than 40 complex governmental business publications each year.

How she has contributed to ACES: I could never contribute more to ACES than I have received from the organization, but I have been an enthusiastic promoter of ACES and its mission. I have also given ACES members freelance opportunities and have encouraged everyone I know in the editing field to join our community.

Why she feels she is the best candidate for the position: As an editing and business communications manager with experience working from the heights of booming technology companies to the depths of nonprofits with barebones budgets, I offer to ACES a broad skillset, fresh energy, and a new perspective to help the organization continue to grow.

What she envisions during her tenure: Every editor, regardless of the glamour of her workplace or the breadth of his publication's readership, should know that ACES offers the soul-soothing camaraderie of like-minded professionals, and I envision spreading awareness of ACES' resources to anyone who aspires to perfect written communications.

How has your involvement in ACES, or anywhere else, prepared you for a leadership role in ACES: I’ve always found that the best way for me to connect to a community or organization is to volunteer to be of hands-on service to its membership. As a result, I’ve spent lots of time on boards of directors and service committees. For example, I recently wrote all new copy and curated an image gallery for my faith community’s website, last year I chaired a personnel committee for another professional association and spearheaded the creation of its employee handbook, and I’ve served for several years as the treasurer of a local community service organization.