ACES Evolve 2023

Problem Clients: Common Dilemmas and How To Avoid Them | Molly McCowan

Have you ever felt drained by a client who demanded your time and attention? Have you discovered too late that your personality or work style clashed with someone who booked a project with you? Have you dreaded opening a particular client’s emails? You’re not alone. Problem clients can, and will, zap your ability to run a thriving editorial business. This workshop will provide all the tools you need to spot potential problem clients (and steer clear!), deal with common client issues professionally, and confidently let go of clients who make your freelance life miserable.

Intermediate, Freelance editors, Business of Editing


A highly experienced developmental editor, certified business coach, and instructor, Molly McCowan empowers editorial entrepreneurs to build badass businesses. Learn how to find your ideal rates, escape the hustle, and (re)build a business that energizes you in Molly’s free course for editors at

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