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Running for treasurer

(self-nominated, incumbent)

About Nick's work: I manage the business of the student newspaper, yearbook and other publications at the University of Oklahoma. I also teach news editing.

How he has contributed to ACES: I have been a regular national conference presenter since 2011, and I have been a key presenter for several of the ACES training boot camps across the country since I joined the Executive Committee in 2015. I was the architect of the Advanced Editing Boot Camp, which has been presented four times and remains in our training rotation. In 2018, the Executive Committee appointed me to succeed Sara Ziegler as treasurer after she was elected president.

Why he feels he is the best candidate for this position: My day job involves managing a $1 million annual budget, so I'm familiar with budgeting cycles and accounting systems. Since taking over as treasurer, I have moved ACES' bookkeeping to a new system that saves ACES money and makes our financial information more accessible and understandable. I have managed a transition to a new bank, where we earn more interest on savings and are realizing rewards from routine spending that we've shifted to corporate credit cards. I also have set up and now manage the payroll system for our new full-time operations manager.

What he envisions for ACES during his tenure: I would like to continue to manage and complete our accounting and banking transitions. After years of struggling, ACES now has substantial financial reserves, and I'd like to help the membership and the Executive Committee plan for the wise investment and eventual use of those funds.

Describe a project or initiative you have led or overseen while on the ACES board that you are most proud of. I’ve only been treasurer for a few months. But I'm proud to have accomplished a number of things in that short time. 

I have: