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April 28, 2018 Conferences

How to hook today's student on editing

Kay O'Donnell emphasizes that editing is a life skill.

April 28, 2018 Conferences

Poole’s Pro School of Poise: Negotiating and delivering bad news with grace

Laura Poole on mastering the art of the difficult or awkward discussion with editorial clients in her ACES 2018 presentation, “How do I say that?”

April 27, 2018 Conferences

AP announces stylebook updates at 2018 ACES conference

Some changes include collapsing two-word terms into one word and dropping the hyphen in 3D

April 27, 2018 Conferences

Tips to make digital content accessible to everyone

Writer and editor talks about editing for inclusion

April 27, 2018 Conferences

Reaching the fact-resistant audience

Jane Elizabeth of API share tips with editors on working in "fake news" era

April 23, 2018 Conferences

Take the time to go beyond downtown Chicago

ACES member and Chicago native Dilane Mitchell offers a list of places to go on the South Side

April 13, 2018 Conferences

Ideas on where to eat, shop and just hang out in Chicago during ACES 2018 conference

Here's a map to help you find places to visit during the conference ... even if it's just a quick walk to lunch

February 27, 2018 ACES News

Five women win scholarships in editing

Finalists earn cash award and get opportunity to attend ACES 2018 national conference in Chicago.

February 7, 2018 ACES News

Indiana University student wins first Walsh Scholarship

The award honors long-time ACES member and Washington Post copy editor Bill Walsh

November 17, 2017 Conferences

Linguist Lynne Murphy, Separated by a Common Language blogger, to be keynote speaker at ACES 2018

Through her blog, 2018 book and media appearances, University of Sussex professor embraces her role as a defender of American English working in England