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January 24, 2022 Resources

Marketing Your Editing Business

#ACESChat host Shayla Raquel shares tips on promoting your business, tools for creating social media posts, and more.

January 20, 2022 Resources

Oh, we’ll have words

Matthew Crowley shares some words that have been added to the Oxford Dictionary.

January 14, 2022 Resources

Copyediting Practices for Multiple Projects

Learn tips on easing your workload, setting expectations with clients, and prioritizing deadlines without compromising your other priorities in life.

January 13, 2022 Resources

Help, citations are killing me!

It’s typical for copyeditors to have to do a lot of cleanup and a lot of research to find missing information.

January 11, 2022 Resources

Diminish imposter syndrome by following the three “C’s” model

The three C's strategy to overcoming imposter syndrome from the book Own Your Greatness: Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Beat Self-Doubt, and Succeed in Life.

January 6, 2022 Resources

Wrangle footnotes into place with Note Stripper

Adrienne Montgomerie shares tips on using Note Stripper

January 5, 2022 Interview with an Editor

Interview with an editor: Kristen Lewandowski

Get to know an editor!