Refine & Refresh: How to Sell Your Boss on Sending You to ACES 2021 Online

Refine & Refresh: How to Sell Your Boss on Sending You to ACES 2021 Online

February 19, 2021 By ACES Staff Conferences

You know you’ll come away refreshed and recharged, but how do you convince your boss that you need to attend an ACES conference? Here’s a cheat sheet for talking through the typical concerns:

We’re understaffed; we can’t lose you for that long.

The ACES conference is a chance for inspiration with extraordinary editors and colleagues from across the country. I’ll be attending educational sessions and events with people just like me, so I’ll come back with more energy, ideas, and new methods that will make me more valuable and productive.

It’s too expensive/we don’t have a budget for this.

This conference offers a great value—it’s two full days of training, connections, and experiences—all online. The sessions will be recorded and I will have access to them through July 31, 2021.

We can only send you to one conference. Why is this one the best?

ACES is recognized as the authority on editing excellence and an advocate for copy editors. Sessions at ACES cover a large range of editing issues and topics that have everyday meaning. To get a sense of what’s offered at an ACES conference check out archives from past conferences. ACES 2021 Online sessions will be announced soon. 

Don’t we already give enough money to ACES?

Our membership dues directly support the profession, pay for practical resources, promote professional standards, and provide members with specific benefits. Membership also gets us a discount on registration ($100 off the nonmember rate).

How do I know this isn’t just an excuse to browse the internet?

Sure, there will be online networking and conversations, but they’ll provide serious interaction with teachers, innovators, established editors, and vendors. It’s an opportunity to allow me to share information, brainstorm ideas, and solve problems. Plus, the bulk of each day is devoted to actual training sessions. Check out the general schedule.

What’s in it for us?

In addition to the countless idea-generating presentations, sessions, and workshops, ACES offers programs specifically designed to increase accuracy and productivity. Plus, I can bring back handouts from the sessions I attend and share what I learned with everyone. And many of the sessions offer good training for all communications professionals, so what I share when I get back to the office will help all of my coworkers, not just the editors. (Bosses love brown-bag sessions.)

Sounds pretty convincing, doesn’t it? Don’t wait a minute longer—go have that talk with your boss now and register today!


Attending the ACES National Conference will help you become a bigger asset to your company. If your manager is still on the fence, consider sending them to our website and reading our testimonials and stories from past conferences. If you or your boss have any additional questions or concerns, the ACES team is here to help.

Ready to join us? Register Here!

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