AP Stylebook updates to be announced at ACES 2021 Online

AP Stylebook updates to be announced at ACES 2021 Online

April 23, 2021 By Sophia Lyons ACES News

At its session this year, AP Stylebook foreshadows discussing big topics with ACES 2021 Online attendees, seeking their feedback. Although some changes may be live on AP Stylebook Online already, others take effect after the session, and conference attendees are first in line to know. 

Paula Froke is lead editor for AP Stylebook and presenting part of AP Stylebook Online’s 2021 session. 

“We are focusing on what we believe to be the most significant updates as well as some more recent additions that people may have missed,” Froke said. “We suspect that everyone has been so busy that they may have missed some key points in this very important material.”

After a year of wide umbrella topics, the session recaps some of those big changes from 2020 and releases the next major topic updates. Froke said the race-related coverage updates got the most buzz on social media, but questions came pouring in as well; the session provides time at the end for asking them. 

“We also got a great deal of interest and many questions related to the coronavirus, politics and unrest, protests, demonstrations, and riots,” Froke said.

Because AP Stylebook isn’t being printed every year anymore, session content is slightly different. Some changes have already gone live on AP Stylebook Online, and others take effect after the session. 

Colleen Newvine is AP Stylebook product manager, and presenting part of AP Stylebook Online’s 2021 session. She said ACES talks used to be a look ahead at the year’s print edition.

“This year, the difference is that we aren’t talking about a sneak preview of what’s coming in the book, and instead we’re simply focusing on what’s new on AP Stylebook Online,” Newvine said.

ACES members also get a discount on AP Stylebook Online, and Newvine will show how to claim it. The session concludes with Q&A, but if all questions aren’t answered, AP Stylebook can get back to attendees after the session. 

“What’s New in AP Stylebook Online?” is Friday, April 23 at 4 p.m. Did you miss a session you wanted to attend? All sessions will be available to view on the conference platform within 24 hours after the conclusion of the session. Registered attendees will have access to the platform through July 31, 2021.

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