Why donate to the ACES Education Fund?

Why donate to the ACES Education Fund?

November 24, 2020 By Alex Cruden ACES News

With all the world’s needs crying out, why donate to the ACES Education Fund? Because the ultimate result of such contributions is to make the world’s needs easier to figure out.

You’re skeptical. But since you cannot address all the world’s needs today anyway, please read on and I’ll explain.

Donations to the ACES Education Fund provide scholarships for college juniors, seniors and graduate students with a commitment to editing. Our program, operated by volunteer top editors from around the country, rewards the most accomplished and promising applicants. With our help—based on your financial support—these students graduate and go out and edit.

Now, the function of editing is to clarify and verify, and to enable a piece of writing to fulfill its potential. Among the pieces of writing that our scholarship winners go on to edit are these:

Good editors team with the writers to question assumptions, pin down facts, be fair to all concerned, insist on relevance and aim at what matters to the human spirit. In sum: Get it right.

The result is that readers/viewers/listeners interested in the world’s needs become better informed about what works and what doesn’t, what lasts and what quickly fades, what builds and what vanishes, and which paths to stay on. Then people who want to contribute can be more certain about their commitment.

Editing—by establishing credibility—enables generosity to be wise.

That’s the large-scale view, built on millions of individual moments of good editing. Every one of those moments, no matter how small, makes something better. Few endeavors can say the same. 

Please support good editing.

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving back, giving you the opportunity to join thousands of others in supporting a cause close to your heart. We hope you’ll choose ACES. 

Giving Tuesday is a perfect time for you to join the scores of donors who have already given generously this year to the ACES Education Fund or to add to your previous gift. 

Header photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash.

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