Financial advice for editors taking the freelance leap

Financial advice for editors taking the freelance leap

May 31, 2019 By Jake Poinier

When you’re making the transition from corporate life to freelancing, one of the first concerns is how to survive without a regular paycheck. (Spoiler alert: Once in a while, you’ll receive two or three checks in a single day!) How often you get paid, however, is only part of the financial equation for running your own business. Here are some additional thoughts about preparing for and taking the freelance leap:

One final thought: Taking the freelance leap means selling yourself, but it’s far more important to ferret out what your clients and prospective clients need. What’s their ROI going to be if they work with you, whether in actual monetary terms, enhanced brand or personal image, or simply making life easier? That’s the most important financial aspect of all.

Jake Poinier blogs regularly about freelance topics at and owns Phoenix-based Boomvang Creative Group and More Cowbell Books. He has written several books on the business of freelancing, including The Science, Art and Voodoo of Freelance Pricing and Getting Paid. Jake presented on the topics of "Understanding Your Freelance Pricing Feedback Loop" and "How to Identify and Deal with Red-Flag Clients" at the 2019 ACES National Conference.

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