Teresa Schmedding talks membership, progress and impact in annual State of ACES speech

Teresa Schmedding talks membership, progress and impact in annual State of ACES speech

April 26, 2018 By ACES Staff ACES News

ACES is making progress in membership diversity, trainings offered, and the impact of our members on the editing world. That’s the message ACES president Teresa Schmedding delivered Thursday, April 26, in the annual State of ACES speech, which opened the 22nd national conference in Chicago.

She explains that the organization’s finances are very healthy and that ACES had a record membership increase this year. Conference registration hit a record 710, and our training numbers are strong. The free webinars for members, of which ACES has done three and has three more planned this year, have been extremely popular.

She offered data on the number of participants in ACES trainings in 2017 and 2018 (so far):

In response, ACES is offering more training to meet the growing demands and expanding the offerings available to our increasingly diverse membership. When you see the data on how many members selected each “industry” type for their profile, it’s incredible to see how many checked more than one box, and some checked all twelve. Our members wear many hats, and therefore many talents and perspectives as well.

With growing numbers and diversity, ACES is seeking out more ways to connect our members - outside of the conference and trainings. The board wants members to be involved in shaping the future of ACES.

While it’s difficult to quantify the impact of something like editing, Schmedding told the gathering that research and data show our members do have an impact on language, and the world around them as a whole.

“All 710 of you make an impact each day – professionally and personally," she said. "You have dedicated yourselves to your craft, you never settle, you are constantly improving your skills and you invest your time and energy in what can be. It’s undeniable that you’ve made an impact on the world of words, and each other. I know you’ve made an impact on me, for which I’ll be eternally grateful.”

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