ACES launches new training programs

ACES launches new training programs

January 10, 2018 By Sue Burzynski Bullard ACES News

ACES is kicking off 2018 with a new and expanded lineup of training opportunities.

They include full-day and half-day boot camps at locations around the country, a new series of discounted webinars at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies and a series of free, members-only Big Marker webinars. 

The boot camps, which can be taken as a half day only or paired for a full day of training, cover these topics: Substantive Editing, Engaging Readers, Great Bosses, the Art and Science of Editing Digital Content, Ethics in Analytics, In-Depth Editing, Editing 101 for Marketing, PR and Corporate Comms, and Being an Elegant and Authoritative Editor.

“We’ve retooled our training lineup to address the changing roles of our members as editing evolves in the digital age,” ACES President Teresa Schmedding said. “We hope taking our programs on the road as half-day or all-day sessions will make the boot camps convenient and affordable.”

One of the boot camps, Great Bosses, will be offered on April 25 as a pre-session at the national conference in Chicago. 

Jill Geisler, who teaches leadership at Loyola University in Chicago, presents an interactive workshop based on her experience training newsroom leaders on performance management. It covers: how to get the best out of teams, how to manage during times of change, how to handle conflict, and how great leadership translates into quality journalism and winning teams. 

Other boot camps will be held in Austin, Denver, San Diego, Baltimore and Atlanta.

The ACES Poynter Institute webinars kick off Jan. 25 with “Untangling the Weeds: Strategies for Substantive Editing,” by ACES board member Samantha Enslen. The Poynter webinars are $11.95 with the discount code for ACES members.

Watch for these topics in the Poynter lineup for 2018: 
• March: Grammar, with Lisa McLendon
• May: Writing and Editing Marketing Materials, with Maisha Maurant
• September: The Art of the Link, with Nick Jungman
• October: 9 Ways to Edit Yourself or Anyone Else, with Sue Burzynski Bullard.

Schmedding will kick off the free, members-only Big Marker webinars on Jan. 18 with a session on “Six Successful Ways to Get the Most Out of Display Type.” Look for registration details in your ACES emails.

Other Big Marker webinars planned include “How to Turn Your Author into Your Ally” with Merrill Perlman on Feb. 15 and “The Basics of Readability” with Enslen on March 22. 

ACES training still includes course work for a certificate in editing or advanced editing through the Poynter Institute. The next In-Depth Editing online group seminar will start Feb. 23. 

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

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