Beware of hiring scams

Beware of hiring scams

October 5, 2018 By Abbi Booth ACES News

Some of our members who are listed on the Editors for Hire page have been contacted by a third-party phishing scam saying their information was found through ACES. The company asks to schedule and interview via Google Hangouts. Afterward, the company sends over a contract and then a check to purchase a laptop.

We at ACES have identified this as a phishing scam. We want to remind you that when your information is listed on the internet, there is a possibility of scammers contacting you. While the accessibility of Editors for Hire is a great feature, it does present the opportunity for nonlegitimate recruiters to contact you.

We have reported this scam to the Federal Trade Commission. Phishing scams can be reported to

Please remember if anything looks suspicious, it is best to not respond. In any case, conducting research on a company is incredibly valuable. Below are some articles about how to recognize job scammers upfront.

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