Ten tips for keeping your focus while editing

August 6, 2015 By Gerri Berendzen Resources

Summer may be nearly over, but the tips offered by ACES members Katharine O’Moore-Klopf and Mark Allen during the July #ACESchat — “Summertime and you’re editing” — are good for the entire year.

Whether you are freelancing and working from home, or correcting that copy from a traditional office, sometimes it can be difficult to keep your focus. Especially if you want to be at the pool or out enjoying whatever season it is — or if you have so much to do, you don’t know where to start.

Here are 10 tips from our chat guests that will help you keep focused and going strong:

1. A1: Be kind to yourself. Give yourself small rewards for each work task you complete. #aceschat

— K. O’Moore-Klopf (@KOKEdit) July 8, 2015

2. A1: Never work a long shift straight through. Take small breaks—take a walk, dance around, etc. #aceschat

— K. O’Moore-Klopf (@KOKEdit) July 8, 2015

3. I’m a believer in the 20-minute power nap. Set a timer, don’t move for 20 mins. You’ll feel revitalized. #ACESchat — Editor Mark Allen (@EditorMark) July 8, 2015

4. Overall tip: Take advantage of your most productive time of day. #aceschat

— K. O’Moore-Klopf (@KOKEdit) July 8, 2015

5. Overall tip: Use to-do list and automated computer calendar reminders. #aceschat

— K. O’Moore-Klopf (@KOKEdit) July 8, 2015

6. It’s hard without someone tracking your time. It’s easy to get distracted. #ACESchat

— Editor Mark Allen (@EditorMark) July 8, 2015

7. If you’re really pressed for time, close distracting items on your computer: email, Twitter, Facebook, even browser. #aceschat — K. O’Moore-Klopf (@KOKEdit) July 8, 2015

8. A3: Practice triage editing, as described by @tschmedding in another chat: — K. O’Moore-Klopf (@KOKEdit) July 8, 2015

9. A3: When crunched for time: delete, defer, or delegate tasks. #aceschat

— K. O’Moore-Klopf (@KOKEdit) July 8, 2015

10. Sometimes you need to say no, just for sanity’s sake. I spent too much time at ACES Las Vegas doing work. #ACESchat

— Editor Mark Allen (@EditorMark) July 8, 2015

The chatters in the July #ACESchat also had a lot of good tips, which we archived in a Storify.

Remember, #ACESchats on Twitter are from 4-5 p.m. Eastern on the first and third Wednesday of the month, September through May, and on the second Wednesday of the month during the summer months. The next chat, on noticing the red flags in copy, will be Aug. 12. Search for the #ACESchat hashtag on Twitter and use that hashtag when participating.

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