AP's stylebook: On your desk, on your phone and now on your e-reader

September 16, 2015 By ACES Staff Resources

It’s bound in spiral form, searchable on a website and there’s even an app. So why not offer it for an e-reader as well?

The Associated Press is doing just that with its popular AP Stylebook.

The news service on Wednesday announced the release of an electronic book version of its 2015 Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law, answering the requests of loyal stylebook users.

Want to read more about it:

ACES member Matthew Crowley wrote about the e-book on story on the new interactive e-book has quotes from AP Stylebook Product Manager Colleen Newvine, a frequent ACES conference attendee. (She was the one giving out the AP lip balm in Pittsburgh.)

And you can take a tour of the e-book on the AP’s website.

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