ACES Evolve 2023

Mistakes That Often Slip Through the Cracks | David Yontz

Being a copy editor entails knowing a whole lot, so it's only natural that some things fall through the cracks. In this session, seasoned editor David Yontz will go over some common grammatical, usage, and factual errors that even advanced editors sometimes miss. He'll go over parallel structure, correlative conjunctions, and many other tricky devils.

Advanced, All editors, Core Skills


David Yontz has been a copy editor for 16 years. He started his copy editing career at Creators Syndicate, where he was managing editor for five years. There he edited op-ed columns from some of the biggest names in punditry—including Pulitzer Prize winner Connie Schultz—and cartooning, such as the legendary comic strips "B.C." and "Archie." He also edited manuscripts in various genres of fiction. Today David is senior science editor at Synergy Enterprises, which is a government contractor. He currently edits for NIH.

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