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Medical Editing 101: All You Need To Know To Get Started | Andrea Klingler, Julie Munden

Editors with little or no medical/science background may find these content areas intimidating. How can any editor apply their current skills to such unfamiliar and technical content? How can experienced editors leverage their knowledge and expertise to transition? In this session, we'll help you begin to build confidence and proficiency in this niche. We'll focus on three main elements: the nuts and bolts of medical editing, resources to leverage, and a brief deep-dive into some AMA Manual of Style idiosyncrasies that can give you an edge. We'll also provide recommendations for finding work as a medical or science editor.

Introductory, New medical editors and more experienced editors transitioning from a different niche or field


Andrea has spent almost 2 decades in medical and science publishing and editing, both with a large medical educational publisher and as an independent editor. In November 2021 she became a senior medical editor with Curtis Learning, a company that creates sales training/education for biotech companies and is moving into patient education and clinical trial recruitment. Andrea copyedits and fact checks content across 10 product lines, supports the senior director of editorial services, and helps create and maintain product-specific style guides. She’s a certified editor in the life sciences and a member of ACES’s New Editor Guide Task Force.

Julie has been a medical editor for nearly 30 years. She specializes in editing pharmaceutical sales and marketing content that educates and trains pharmaceutical sales representatives. For 14 years, Julie ran Blue Ink Communications, where she worked with medical communications companies to produce pre- and postlaunch pharma sales training materials including workshops, disease state and product-specific modules, and assessments. As a senior director, Julie directs editorial services for deliverables across almost 20 product lines, including creating style guides and applying corporate guidelines; manages a team of 10 freelance medical editors; and edits and fact-checks content.

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