Mark Allen

Running for board seat at-large

(Self-nominated, incumbent)

About your work: Independent editor for a variety of journalism, education, and general nonfiction clients. Host of That Word Chat, a biweekly chat show featuring wordy people.

How long have you been an ACES member? 11 years (lifetime member)

How have you contributed to ACES: I have sought volunteer opportunities ever since joining ACES, and I have served on the ACES executive board since 2012, when I was the first full-time freelance editor to join the board. I was conference director for ACES 2017 in St. Petersburg, and I serve on the board's diversity and inclusion committee. I have presented at many conferences and helped secure several keynote speakers and conference sponsors.

Why you feel you are the best candidate for this position: I believe strongly in the ACES mission to improve editing and appreciation for editors while giving editors the training and fellowship needed to do their jobs. I want to use my experience and knowledge to seek out new ways to bring people together and help them get better at what they do.

What you envision for ACES during your tenure: I am very interested in continuing the work of the diversity and inclusion committee, helping to open up the organization and the profession to editors who reflect our diversity. And I am always seeking ways ACES can be more responsive and useful to its members.

What is one thing about ACES that you would like to improve, and what ideas do you have on how to improve it? A dream of mine has been for the ACES website to be a repository of information on demand for our members. We are already moving toward that through all the great offerings under the ACES Academy banner, the Diversity and Inclusion Resource Page, the Book Corner, and other resources. I’d like to see the website be more useful for finding the right information quickly, serving as a hub for busy editors. We are in a good position now to make this happen, and I think we will learn some things from the upcoming virtual conference.

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