Running for board seat at-large

(self-nominated, incumbent)

About Mark's work: Independent editor, owner of Mark Allen Editorial LLC, and instructor at UC San Diego Extension.

How he has contributed to ACES: As the first freelancer elected, in 2012, I have worked to make sure the ACES board meets the diverse needs of all its members. I initiated the freelance editor directory, oversaw the St. Petersburg conference, presented at conferences, bootcamps and webinars, and established sponsorship relationships with several organizations.

Why he feels he is the best candidate for this position: The role of board member has evolved in recent years just as ACES has evolved. But my passion remains the ACES mission, to improve the quality of the written word and the working lives of editors. I will continue to volunteer my time and provide guidance to the ACES staff.

What he envisions for ACES during his tenure: With the board now more focused on strategic planning and development, I’d like to see us further enhance member resources, including offering an ACES reference library. I’d also like to fill the void left by Copyediting and make ACES the place to come for news of interest to editors.

Describe a project or initiative you have led or overseen while on the ACES board that you are most proud of: I’m proud of several initiatives I’ve taken on while on the ACES board. The thing I’m most proud of is not a single initiative or something I took on by myself, it’s what I and others have done to expand the scope of ACES to include nonjournalists, freelancers, and word workers who might not identify as copy editors. My efforts at diversifying and expanding continue, including through the diversity and inclusion task force. Every chance I get, I let people know what a welcoming and useful professional society we have.