Maisha Maurant

Running for board seat at-large

(Self-nominated, incumbent)

About your work: Formerly a chief corporate editor, I am now an organizational change consultant. Embedded in projects from culture to technology, I provide research, writing, editing, instructional design, and evaluation.

How long have you been an ACES member? Nearly five years

How have you contributed to ACES: In my four years on the Executive Committee, I’ve served as Membership chair and chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, an initiative I began. I am also on the ACES Education Fund Board. I’ve presented and moderated conference sessions, and led a Poynter editing course on behalf of ACES.

Why you feel you are the best candidate for this position: My time on the Executive Committee has been spent getting to know our members and what they want from ACES. I’ve acted on that feedback to promote our members’ expertise and advocate for more opportunities for diversity and inclusion.

What you envision for ACES during your tenure: ACES is fortunate to have myriad types of editors as members. I want to continue to showcase the richness of this expertise via ACES and other industry organizations. I’d like to offer more virtual opportunities to connect members. Diversity and inclusion should remain priorities in ACES programming and activities.

What is one thing about ACES that you would like to improve, and what ideas do you have on how to improve it? It’s gratifying to participate in our growing efforts to promote our members’ expertise. But we can do more. I would like to cast a wider net within our membership to provide a platform for voices we have not yet heard from. Through our conference, training opportunities, social media channels, and website, we should showcase more of our members and the array of editing disciplines they work in. For more opportunities to demonstrate their expertise, we can promote our members to our industry partners and networks. Finally, we should proactively invite members to join ACES committees and take on leadership roles.

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