Maisha Maurant is an organizational change consultant at Rock Central, a professional services company. Embedded in projects from culture to technology, she is involved with research, writing, editing, instructional design, and evaluation. Prior to moving into organizational change, Maisha spent more than 20 years in diverse communications roles. 

She started her career as a newspaper journalist and has worked in communications for nonprofit organizations and agencies such as Focus: Hope, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, Michigan Community Service Commission and the Williams Group in Grand Rapids. She also spent many years in health care in corporate communications at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and at Health Alliance Plan where she was chief corporate editor. She was also manager of Culture and Engagement at Beaumont Health, the largest health system in Michigan. 

She is a member of the executive committee of ACES Board of Directors and chairs the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She is also on the ACES Education Fund Board.