Maisha Maurant Photo

Running for board seat at-large

(self-nominated, incumbent)

About Maisha's work: As chief corporate editor, I Iead a team of strategists, writers, editors and graphic designers. I manage internal communications and support marketing and operational communications.

How she has contributed to ACES: I’ve served on the ACES board for two years. I’ve worked on behalf of members to improve our outreach and benefits. I am currently leading the board’s new diversity and inclusion task force. I’ve been a panelist at our last three conferences and presented a Poynter Institute webinar representing ACES.

Why she feels she is the best candidate for the position: In my time on the board, I’ve been invested in learning what members want from ACES and creating actionable plans toward meeting expectations. With more time on the board, I can deliver on work currently in progress to enhance our member experience. I bring 20-plus years of diverse communications experience.

What she envisions for ACES during her tenure: I envision ACES growing in how we support and leverage our diverse membership. We’re taking steps to give visibility and voice to those underrepresented

Describe a project or initiative you have led or overseen while on the ACES board that you are most proud of: Our network of knowledge and experience is our greatest asset as an organization. So, as Membership chair, it has been really satisfying to connect members to each other and the board for development and support. I am most proud of gaining the board’s support to lead a formal diversity and inclusion task force. I believe it’s critical that all our members feel welcome, heard and supported. Therefore, our goal is to understand how to best serve the unique needs of editors of various communities. While new, members will start to see activities that support this effort at the 2019 conference.