ACES Evolve 2023

The Internal Red Pen: Editing With Mental Illness | Kate Post

Kate Post, an editor who has spent 5+ years in treatment for depression, anxiety, and panic disorder, provides ~15 tips on how to manage and leverage mental illness and mental health issues as an editor. Talking points will include the challenges of editing with mental illness and the career advantages that the experience of dealing with mental illness provides. Attendees will take away ideas for increasing their self-care, identifying their strengths and weaknesses as an editor, and finding support in a somewhat isolating profession. A handout with resources will be provided.

Introductory Level, All editors, Editors with mental health issues/mental illness, Health and Wellness


Kate Post is a content editor by day and a freelance editor by night. She has worked for tax magazines, test-prep companies, and has edited everything from cannabis poetry to finance. Her editorial philosophy is to preserve and magnify the author's voice while honoring the reader. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, baking, archery, and conferring with her editorial assistant/rescue dog Ned.

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