ACES Evolve 2023

Incorporating Plain Language and Accessibility Into Editorial Guidance | Joanna Schreiber

This presentation will discuss intersections between accessibility and plain language practices for editors, framing them as overlapping practices and movements. Building from some results from their study titled Trends in Professional and Technical Editing, the presenter argues that the power of editing for promoting accessible content is the design of editorial guidance. She will illustrate specific strategies for incorporating plain language and accessibility into their editorial guidance.

Introductory, Students, Freelance editors, Corporate editors, Technical editors, Core Skills


Joanna Schreiber is Associate Professor of Technical and Professional Communication at Georgia Southern University. She teaches courses in professional and technical editing, technical writing, business writing, plain language, user experience, and information design. Her research interests include trends in professional and technical editing, communication practices related project management and performance management, and related teaching practices.

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