Running for board seat at-large 

(self-nominated, incumbent)

About Heather's work: Heather E. Saunders, owner of Just the Write Type, is a proofreader and STEM/medical editor.

How she has contributed to ACES: Currently, I am on the ACES 2019 Conference Committee. I am also the Communications Committee chair, involved in posts, ACES chats, outreach, and the transition of Copyediting resources to ACES. I have volunteered in some form since joining in 2014, proofreading materials, teaching boot camps, and overseeing the Editors for Hire directory.

Why she feels she is the best candidate for the position: As both an experienced freelancer and a STEM/medical editor, I represent a unique blend of perspectives. I enthusiastically represent freelancers, a growing segment of our membership, and actively explore other niche fields and roles within the industry that can be better represented within ACES.

 What she envisions for ACES during her tenure: Using our strong foundation, we can offer deeper training; share informative posts more frequently; and expand the topics, issues, and research in which ACES participates. I envision an ACES that passionately and purposefully develops ways to represent more diverse voices and reach a wider audience.

Describe a project or initiative you have led or overseen while on the ACES board that you are most proud of: I’m proud to be co-creator/co-manager of the original ACES Freelancer Directory, which grew to become Editors for Hire, one of the most valuable ACES offerings for freelancers. Volunteering on this project helped me learn even more about how ACES can support members, further fueled my passion for the organization, and inspired me to then serve as an ACES mentor and volunteer in my current roles.