ACES Evolve 2023

Editing in Three Dimensions | Leslie Poster

Books, magazines, journals, even digital content: most of the text we edit is read in a two-dimensional format. But what happens when the words we work with have to occupy a three-dimensional space? Museum editor Leslie Poster will talk about the special considerations editors must make when preparing text for physical spaces—and share how thoughtfulness in these areas can strengthen editing skill for all types of text.

Introductory, Students, Freelance editors, Core Skills


Leslie Poster is the head of Editorial Services at the National Museum of American History. She works with writers, curators, educators, exhibit developers, and other specialists to produce engaging and error-free writing for millions of onsite and digital visitors. She has been an active member of exhibit and program teams across the museum, and commits her editorial skills and passion for inclusive language to museum-wide initiatives focused on promoting inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Before joining the museum in 2014, she was a managing editor and multimedia journalist at newspapers in Connecticut and Virginia.

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