Dilane Mitchell

Candidate - Board of Directors


Dilane began her career writing and editing for her alma mater’s daily student newspaper, The Hilltop. After undergrad, she interned with Forbes Magazine. She then worked in the advertising department of Tribune Publishing. She began project management five years ago as a growth from sales support. She believes in being proactive, noticing and addressing problems early. Openly communicating about an organization’s problems is the only way for an organization to sustainably grow.

She also writes short fiction for The Prompt magazine.

Dilane earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Howard University and her master’s from DePaul University.

How long has the nominee been a member of ACES?

Nine years

How has the nominee contributed to ACES?

I have attended several ACES conferences. I have been a speaker at two. I am also an active member of the ACES community online: on Twitter and the ACES blog.

What experience would the nominee bring to the board?

I have been a member of ACES as a student and professional. I have a fresh perspective on the future needs of ACES members.

If elected, what does the nominee envision for ACES during their tenure?

I would like to expand ACES' inclusion efforts by recruiting at HBCUs, particularly for the scholarships.

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