David Phandara is a human-oriented and lighthearted individual. As a Junior transitioning to Senior, at the University of South Florida, David plans to finish the 2022 school year with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. David currently works with the Student Newsroom for the ACES Society for Editing as a Student Journalist for the ACES 2021 Annual Conference. He's worked in many different professions such as hospitality, management, customer service, and the food industry.

David Phandara’s ultimate mission is to live a simple life that is surrounded by friends and family. His favorite activities include making food, teaching others about food, and sharing those dishes. With that in mind, David plans to focus on a career that centers around Food Editing. His top editorial content creators hail from NYT Cooking and Food52. Within a spectrum that focuses on his favorites like socializing, gaming, and cooking, David hopes to hone and weave these hobbies with his interpersonal skills for future endeavors.