Some presenters will make the slides or handouts from their 2018 ACES conference sessions available after the conference. These are provided as a service of the society and the authors. Sharing material is at the presenters’ discretion.

You may not re-post these materials, in any form, without consent of ACES and the authors. PDFs are listed by session name. 

Basics of Readability

Creating a Pro-Editing Culture in a Corporate Environment

Conlangs: Languages with Stories to Tell

Deep Grammar

Edit Sober: 79 Tips for On-Your-Feet Editing (slides), 79 Tips (handout)

Editing And Emotional Labor (slides)Editing and Emotional Labor Resources

Editing for the Federal Government

Editing in a #MeToo World

Financial Strategies to Grow Your Freelance BusinessFinancial Strategies ChecklistDiversifying And Specializing to Grow Your Business, Rates, Rates, the Great Debate

Going Rogue (slides), Going Rogue (handout)

How Do I Say That

How Does A Copy Editor Pivot To Video

In and Outs of Freelancing for Publishing Houses

Is This Biased?

Is This Resource Reliable?

Leadership in the Workplace

Macros 201: The Shell Game

Mother or Pregnant Person? Why Words Matter When Covering Reproductive Rights (Style Guide)

Reaching the Fact-Resistant Audience

Registering Register

Rookie Mistakes Even Veterans Make

Save Time and Sanity: Increase Your Efficiency With Microsoft Word tipsSave Time and Sanity (slides)

Sharpening Your Skills: A Headline Workshop

Slaying the Chimera: Diagramming Some of the Worse Sentences Ever Published

The Tycoon’S Secret Werewolf Bride (handout)Copy Editing for Romance Novels (slides)

User Interfaces To User Manuals: Technical Editing in the Software Industry

Using Perfect It To Check Consistency And House Style

What Journalism Can Teach You About Good Editing

What to Know Before You Send Your Copy for Translation

What Words Trigger Sharing Liking Commenting On Social

Why is English Spelling So Weird?

The Wild West of Food Editing