Some presenters will make the slides or handouts from their 2017 ACES conference sessions available after the conference. These are provided as a service of the society and the authors. Sharing material is at the presenters’ discretion.

You may not re-post these materials, in any form, without consent of ACES and the authors.

PDFs are listed by session name. You can check out the session descriptions here.

A Progressive Prescription: Epicene Pronouns and Style

Assessment Editing

Averting Burnout Constructively and Decisively

Beyond Editing: First and Last Steps When Working with Self-Publishers

Bookmaking for Beginners: Getting Your Self-Publishing Client to a Finished Product

Copy Editing and Corpus Linguistics

Copyediting Fiction for Traditional Publishers Slides Handout

Copy Editing Medical Content: Do No Harm

Don’t get fooled: How to spot bad information and fake news

Editing Across Borders Slides 1 Slides 2 (Supporting material for slide 2)

Editing for Diverse Audiences

Editors and Accessible Content: Captions, Alternate Text, and Accessibility Style Guides Slides 1 Sildes 2

Freelancing 101: Launching Your Editing Business Handout  Slides

Freelance Editing: The Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known

Get in Front of the Line: Editing for Agencies

Getting Down to Business: Copy Editing for Corporate and Financial News Slides Handout

Government Contract Editing — Guidelines to Make It Work

Headlines and Titles (from the lightning round)

How to Diagram Sentences — and Why

How to Get Your Dream Job on the Web slidesHow to Get Your Dream Job on the Web Handout

Is This Racist? How Editors Can Identify Hidden Bias in Language

Leadership in the Workplace

Libel: Why Attribution Matters Handout 1 Handout 2

Mastermind Group: A Copyeditor’s Key to Career Growth

Our Changing Language: When Does Wrong Become Right?

Phonaestheme and Genres

Persuasive Pricing: A Strategic Approach to Your Freelance Rates (Additional handout)

Quick Fixes You May Have Forgotten About

Save Time and Your Sanity: Increase your Efficiency with Microsoft Word Handout 1 Handout 2

Streamline Your Business with Systems Slides Handout

The Value of Narrative in Corporate Communications

Using Social Media to Earn Trust

What Can News Editors Let Go?

Writing to Requirements: Helping Authors Tell Their Stories