As the conference draws nearer, we want to keep you updated on our COVID-19 safety precautions. We are committed to creating a safe environment where attendees can feel comfortable networking and gathering with their peers and maximize the value of their conference experience.

After serious consideration, we are asking that all attendees adhere to the following safety guidelines:
We continue to work on COVID-19 precautions in conjunction with the latest CDC guidelines, the Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk, and the Convention & Visitors Bureau of San Antonio. We will send any updates to COVID-19 protocols or information to all attendees.

A few of the initiatives that we are working on include:
Typical weather in San Antonio during conference time is very mild and conducive to spending time outside, ranging from lows in the 50s and highs in the 80s. There is space and opportunity to engage outdoors along the Riverwalk.

We appreciate that not everyone is able or comfortable to attend an in-person conference. To that end, we are expanding our annual conference schedule to include a virtual conference this fall with its own full program. We will be announcing dates for the virtual conference this fall in the next few weeks.

We thank you for your patience and support as we navigate the safest path moving forward. Please direct all questions to