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With more than 4,000 active members, ACES is the premier professional association for editors in the United States.

Our members come from all kinds of publishing sectors, including book publishing, corporate communications, newspapers and magazines, academia, nonprofits, government communications, websites and a large freelancer network.

National Conference Sponsorship Packages (once a year)

At our national conference, exhibitors get personal access to the more than 800 attendees who will pass by tables and booths multiple times between sessions. And your message can reach thousands of editors across the country through our website and newsletters.

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For more information, contact Abbi Booth, ACES executive director.

“ACES gave AP Stylebook such a warm reception as a sponsor. Board members stopped by our booth several times to make sure we had everything we needed and to express appreciation for our participation. Attendees didn’t just swoop by looking for giveaways.

We had real conversations where they asked informed questions and showed genuine interest. ACES leadership also stayed in touch after the event to make sure we’d gotten good value for our investment.”

—Colleen Newvine, Product Manager, AP Stylebook