ACES is offering two pre-conference workshops to kick off the national conference on Wednesday, March 27. Join Rhode Island author Dave Ursillo for an interactive writing workshop in the morning. In the afternoon, freelance editing expert Erin Brenner will help you discover strategies to grow your editing business.

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Morning Workshop

Unavoidable Writing LIVE: Turning Creative Resistance Into Refuge

Presenter: Dave Ursillo

Date: Wednesday, March 27

Time: 9 a.m. - Noon

Cost: $85 for conference attendees/$125 for non-conference attendees

One-on-One Coaching Session: $125

Described by Psychology Today “as compassionate and genuine leader,” Rhode Island author, yogi, and creativity coach Dave Ursillo invites you into a fun, interactive workshop on the state of writing in the modern online age. You’ll be ushered into the heart of Dave’s masterful Unavoidable Writing system that is helping thousands of writers the world over transform “writer’s block” and creative resistance into newfound flow, personal healing, and professional growth.

After 10 years as a traveling entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and teacher of writing, Dave opens up exclusively for ACES to share untold stories and unpublished secrets that the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily sharing out loud. Separating myth from fact in today’s online landscape, you’ll discover unconventional strategies and heart-centered approaches for heightening your creative self-expression for months to come, all while better serving your audience, clients, and readers.

You’ll leave this 3-hour seminar with a wealth of resources, techniques, and approaches to lift your writing practice (and your writing business!) with greater mindfulness and self-determination.


  1. The “Physics of Writing” (Or, Why Creative Resistance Happens at All)
  2. Maslow Meets the Chakras: The Intersection of Behavioral Psychology and the 5,000-Year-Old Tradition of Yoga
  3. Making vs. Destroying: Surviving the “Other Half” of the Creative Equation
  4. What is Avoidance? And, How the Three Shadows of Writing Manifest
  5. Discovering the Three Promises of Writing (Or, the Potential of Fully-Realized Self-Expression Practices)
  6. No Mo’ Woe-Is-Me: Defying ‘Starving Artist’ Syndrome and Social Stigmas
  7. PLUS More than 10 Unconventional Writing Techniques, Mindfulness Prompts, and Journaling Styles… All Grounded in a Refreshingly Holistic Creative Philosophy


Want to go even deeper? You can! Make the most of your pre-conference workshop experience by adding an extra hour-long, one-on-one coaching and consulting session with Dave Ursillo… that very afternoon! You’ll sit face-to-face with Dave to unpack your writing project, diagnose your unique manifestation of writer’s block, personalize everything you took away from the morning workshop, or plan out how to grow your online platform and creative business in 2019. Additional $125 for a 1-hour sit down and dialogue. Limited to five clients on a first come, first served basis!

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Afternoon Workshop

Strategies for Growing Your Editing Business

Presenter: Erin Brenner

Date: Wednesday, March 27

Time: 1 - 3 p.m.

Cost: $85 for conference attendees/$125 for non-conference attendees

You’ve successfully launched your editing business: you have a few clients, have a handle on business administration, and even market. You’ve got some experience. How can you get to the next level? How can you grow your business to meet your income or other business goals?

Freelancing veteran Erin Brenner will teach you several strategies in this premium course. She’ll tackle topics like:

This is an advanced course. Attendees should have been in business at least three years.

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